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Steve: "Plants are my spiritual companion".

"I can spend nearly half day in the garden taking care of my plants. I am particularly excited and satisfied to see all my babies growing healthily each day, and when they reward me with their lush green leaves and stunning beautiful  flowers. By just looking at them, touch or smell them, as simple as that, make my day." Steve, 27 (IT Engineer)

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Jene: "Nature gives me peace of mind".

"I enjoy spending my personal time being in the environment surrounded by greenery, either indoor or outdoor. This is where i found myself a temporary respite to escape from the hectic life in work. 

Reading my favourite novel with a cup of green tea in green ambience, with a touch of sunshine and fresh air during weekends, help me to distress and make me feel revitalised." Jene, 32 (Architect)

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