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Landscape Design and Consultation


We specialise in landscape design and consultation for a wide range of residential/commercial projects from small to large scale, particularly emphasising the 'Therapeutic' (healing/restorative) properties in each of our design in three aspects - Spiritual, Emotional and Physical (SEP). Most of the time when participating in nature, we are unaware of the 'Therapeutic' functions of it. Directly or indirectly, we are being 'healed' by nature through our involvement in it. For instance:


1. we feel emotionally soothing and relaxing by just looking at the greenery.

2. we feel attachment, spiritual support and social engagement when spending time to complete gardening tasks together with our family and friends.

3. we get a chance to improve our physical strength by going outdoor for exercise as simple as walking, helps us to expose to natural sunlight for vitamin D and E.


All these are mean to be  the 'Therapeutic' effects given to us by nature. In TGS, we design therapeutic garden and landscape that integrate multiple design solutions, focus on- 1. universal design, and passive spaces, 3. indoor-outdoor interaction, 4. Multi-sensory soft and hard materials, to accommodate different types of user eg. children, adults, elderly, disabled in all levels. Either the space is for your own use, or for your family/friends/staffs ( in Schools/Hospitals/Healthcare settings/residential housings/Commercial buildings), we will work out together with you to create your very own 'Therapeutic Garden', which potentially also could be your safe 'Sanctuary' to temporarily escape from the stressful and hectic world. 


Feel free to write to us at or Whatsapp +6 (0)135847524 us for any appointments, our passionate Landscape Designers/Specialist will be more than happy to chat with you!


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